What is LAUNCH?

As our country reinvents itself, new businesses are being born every day and support structures are key to the viability of these businesses. LAUNCH offers business training, support, and affordable resources to entrepreneurs who are underrepresented in entrepreneurship, empowering them to create sustainable, successful businesses allowing their families and communities to thrive.


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LAUNCH exists to build a thriving Chattanooga where every individual who dreams of a business can be confident that the community will stand with them, removing obstacles, and creating opportunities for their success. 

12 years

513 Businesses Supported

586 Jobs created

What Our Entrepreneurs Are Saying

Whitney Jackson

"Before enrolling in the Business Entrepreneurship Academy, I had no prior knowledge of entrepreneurship or business. During the 10 week course, I learned essential information about organizing and operating a business."

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Kenyatta Ashford

“Having the support [from LAUNCH] and knowing you have people out there on your team who you can go to when you don’t feel like making that call or doing that thing - it’s HUGE.”

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Ella Livingston

"“I have seen LAUNCH offer a lot of great opportunities to a lot of entrepreneurs, providing resources and providing a circle of people they can go to”"

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