Our Mission & Vision

Empowering underserved communities and individuals through entrepreneurship. A community that builds hope and equity to all individuals through entrepreneurship.

Launching LAUNCH

In 2010, a group of local businessmen were moved by the negative impact of the recession on those in poverty and were inspired to call on individuals, churches, and businesses to use their collective experience to provide support to underserved entrepreneurs. Their goal was to focus on communities of high unemployment, empower individuals by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and encourage job creation by building small businesses putting people in a position to succeed. With this goal and backing from the community, LAUNCH was born.

Chattanooga has great resources for entrepreneurs and LAUNCH's role is to make sure no entrepreneur is left out. LAUNCH is extremely grateful to all of the partners who have helped pursue the mission and provided support to the community's entrepreneurs so that they can pursue their dreams. Our success would not have been possible without all those who have assisted us in assisting the community.