At LAUNCH, we believe supporting a non-profit isn’t just about making big donations once a year (although we won’t turn any of those down!). It’s about coming together as community to support not only the work of the nonprofit, but the people who benefit from the work as well.

It’s about staying connected to one another and showing up. It’s about knowing that what you can do, no matter how small the act may seem, makes the bigger picture possible.

We invite you, yes YOU, to become a part of LAUNCH United.

LAUNCH United is a network of people who are committed to a community that provides hope and equity for all individuals through business and entrepreneurship. This collective helps that vision become a reality by celebrating the achievements of the entrepreneurs by showing up to their events, seeking out opportunities to patronize the businesses LAUNCH helps start, and supporting the work of LAUNCH either monthly or annually.

Whether you can do all of the above, or just one or two, you can be a part of LAUNCH United and make a difference.


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