Hal Bowling

Executive Director

Marco Perez

Vice President of Operations

Gina Soltau

Program Director

Kara Cotto

Program Assistant and Grants Manager

Rebecca K. Feldbin

PR and Communications Manager

Sandy Berry

City Partner Support and Development

Gabrielle Blades

Graphic Designer

Alexis Willis


Anthony Watkins

Director of Business Development

Linda Murray Bullard

Business Entrepreneurship Academy Facilitator

Susan M. Freeman

Business Entrepreneurship Academy Facilitator


Jeffrey F. Olingy

Atlantic Capital

Kristina Montague

The Jump Fund

John Owen

Acumen Wealth Advisors

Zac Brown

Hamilton County Department of Education

Chuck Fisher

Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison

Felicia Jackson

The CPR LifeWrap

Andy Jones

Roundtree Agency

Alan King

Market Street Partners

Quentin Lawrence

Suntrust Bank

Mary Thompson

Holston Conference Camp & Retreat Ministries