Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cassandra Tucker

"It was great to connect with the entrepreneurial energy in the class, and helped keep my wheels turning and growing”

Cassandra Tucker

Many small businesses have had a longer journey than you know, with various pivots in between. While some may view those pivots as setbacks, they are sometimes a part of the journey for the business, and entrepreneur, to the successful place they are today. Such is the case for Divine Purity, owned and operated by Cassandra Tucker. 

Divine Purity began as Cassandra’s desire to create a mentoring program for young girls; with the mission to inspire them to create a higher standard for themselves. Through that experience, she learned that mentoring was not her passion and Divine Purity went away. 

In August of 2009, Cassandra’s grandmother moved in with her and her husband, and a few months later was diagnosed with some health issues. That set Cassandra into a health kick not just for her grandmother, but her family as well. A transformation within the household began, resulting in a healthier and happier environment. 

From there Cassandra created a line of natural hair care, but later had a dream where God told her she needed to make a sugar scrub. That dream transformed Divine Purity into what it is today; a self-care aromatherapy line of products including lotions, bath bombs, refreshing mists, and more. (One of the LAUNCH team members is obsessed with her shower steamers!).

Having been in business for 8 years, Cassandra found LAUNCH fairly far into her entrepreneurial journey. During that time, she had hit a hard spot with Divine Purity. When asked about her experience in the LAUNCH CHA course, she says, “LAUNCH helped me to think about who my target audience is and learn that I am not my customer. They helped me fill in other gaps that I didn’t necessarily think about.”

Cassandra also explains that having other entrepreneurs around her was helpful. “It was great to connect with the entrepreneurial energy in the class, and helped keep my wheels turning and growing, and how I could help someone out in partnering with them.”

Long term, Cassandra has big plans that she can’t share yet, but she hopes to take Divine Purity beyond aromatherapy products. “While the business grows, I’d like to aim to create not only products but space for people to intentionally detach from the hustle of society, ground themselves, and connect with the earth.”


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