Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shey Jordan

“LAUNCH really helped my business get to the next level. I was able to pinpoint areas that needed my attention and LAUNCH was able to help me with that in a manageable way. I think LAUNCH is so beneficial for our community because it’s a reachable resource for small business owners to invest in their growth & start their businesses the right way!”

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Shey Jordan has a passion for people, health, and wellness. Born in Cuba and raised in the Cayman Islands, Shey was a track and field athlete, representing her country in international competitions from the ages of 6 to 21. She also competed in flag football tournaments on the Cayman Islands national team, and was part of the first international flag football team to win a US tournament. After meeting her future husband at a flag football tournament, Shey moved to the US in 2016, and is now the mother of three beautiful children.


The idea for Shey’s Natural Smoothies began in the middle of the pandemic. At the time, she was hosting a workout group and would often make healthy smoothies as a post-workout snack. They were a huge hit, and her husband suggested turning her passion for healthy living into a business. That same year, Shey’s Natural Smoothies was born, offering natural immune boosting remedies at a time when they were needed the most. Shey quickly started growing her business, selling smoothies at flag football games and other sporting events. Although her product and social media marketing were already very successful, Shey signed up for the LAUNCH class hoping to establish a better foundation for the business. Through the class, she learned about the legal, tax, bookkeeping, and other backend aspects of running a successful business. 


Shey’s Naturals is more than just a smoothie business. Her vision is to provide nutritional knowledge, and holistic health alternatives for the community and be a fundamental part of every health & fitness journey. She is dedicated to delivering the best natural experience, by providing fresh organic ingredients that enhance each customer’s way of living. Building on her vibrant cultural background, Shey loves to bring a fun, natural island vibe to her customers. Even the names of the smoothies - like Royal Palms and Island Ting - evoke the peaceful feeling of the islands. 


Her current products include organic smoothies, fresh pressed juices, immune booster shots, alkaline water, herbal teas, enhancements, whipped body butter, and others! Over the past year, the business has expanded exponentially, with products being retailed in several area gyms and stores such as Nothing But Net, Menlow Park Grocery, and will soon be in Hotworx. She also travels to sporting events, and sets up at local vendor events, LAUNCH pop-ups, school events, and even private parties. You can also find her product on her website, where she just launched a new Health Bar, which provides different avenues of holistic wellness through services & products. 

Shey plans to continue growing the business, and is currently in the process of renovating a food trailer, which will allow her to setup at more and bigger events, and serve more people. 


Shey truly embodies the spirit of a successful entrepreneur with her work ethic, growth mindset, and perseverance.


Follow @sheynaturalsmoothies on social media to stay up to date on her holistic, hand crafted health products!