Entrepreneur Spotlight: Montrell Besley

“Our kids in our community need to see people who look like them owning things.”

Montrell Besley

Chattanooga Rolling Video Games is a Besley family-owned 32-foot mobile video gaming theater. Perfect for kids of all ages. They are available for parties, fundraisers, festivals, school and corporate events, or anytime you want to see a group bond and have a great time.


Montrell Besley is a family man with entrepreneurship in his blood. He learned financial independence from his grandfather, his parents, and even his siblings. Family is at the forefront for Montrell, and his business exemplifies it. Support from his wife has made Chattanooga Rolling Video Games possible. Montrell’s favorite part of the business is working with his sons on the truck, seeing them help the little kids, and providing employment for them. 


Coming out of 2018, Montrell Besley envisioned a mobile video game experience for families, fundraisers, and corporate events. He had a truck picked out and a vision in place for the business when that pesky pandemic hit, forcing a season of patience. Montrell felt God’s presence in what was outside of Montrell’s original plan. By 2021, he was back on track with a new truck coming from Texas and the funding to move forward. The truck is furnished with 6 TVs, Xboxes, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, 40-50 games, and climate control year-round. 


The support Montrell has had building this business has been crucial for him. Chris Hampton who builds video game trucks has been a huge benefit throughout the startup of Chattanooga Rolling Video Games. Montrell’s community has come behind him with encouragement and finances. “LAUNCH CHA was like Google Maps. You have typed in your destination and your starting point, and it guides you through the process. It has opened my eyes and connected me to a lot more business savvy.”


As a surprise for the kids, Montrell debuted his fresh new truck at Chattanooga Preparatory School where he is the Director of Community Engagement. “The kids lost their minds!” They couldn’t believe that this belonged to Mr. Besley. Always thinking of how to inspire the next generation, Montrell used this moment to encourage the kids that they too can be business owners. He stressed the importance of college and building your network. “Our kids in our community need to see people who look like them owning things.” This passion for the next generation is not only admirable but needed. Chattanooga is lucky to have Montrell Besley on the scene.