Entrepreneur Spotlight: Frances Gunn

Frances Gunn, the owner of Good Team, has made a mark on Chattanooga’s marketing scene after only 6 months. 

Late last year, Frances began making solid moves toward starting her own marketing agency. With the next LAUNCH CHA cohort starting in January, the timing was perfect to take this step. With a few clients ready to sign on, Good Team opened doors in January. Frances was energized by seeing her clients grow from simple changes in their marketing and sales strategies. Amidst this fresh start, Frances was grateful to have a space to share her successes and mishaps with other entrepreneurs each week in LAUNCH CHA. “[LAUNCH] has felt like a safety net that I can ask to find a solution to the problem I am facing, and they will be happy to do it.” 


In speaking with Frances one thing is clear. She cares about her customers. She has positioned her business to prioritize the growth of her clients in a way seldom done. At every stage, her client relationships are evaluated and tested for the future. Good Team does not use a one size fits all approach to marketing. From the start, Good Team clients can expect to find their ideal customer. Frances and her team will spend time understanding your audience and what sets your business apart. They will work with you to test strategies and find what works best for you. Her commitment to excellence is what has made Good Team so successful. 


In just six months, Frances has been able to transform Good Team from an idea to a full-time job. In May, Good Team doubled their overall revenue and again in June. In July, Good Team will hire their second full-time staff member and a part-time employee. According to the U.S. Census, less than 20% of businesses that employed people in the U.S. in 2018 were owned by women. That means that there is an 80% chance of being employed by a man. Frances, in her effort to provide an ethical marking resource, is also helping reshape the employer landscape in our community. 


When asked what advice she would give to an entrepreneur just starting out, she responded, “Don’t rush it. Spend the time to learn from your mistakes and learn from your current situation. If you are blessed enough to work in the field you want to open a business in, learn everything you can from that experience. Learn what kind of boss you want to be.” Frances spent years getting to know her field well before taking the risk of starting a business. She saved her dollars and struck when the time was right. As the business grows and doubts creep in, the foundation of your business and the trust you have in yourself becomes increasingly important. 


Frances took time to reflect on her experience with LAUNCH defining it as, “The best solution for someone who wants to know what they need to know before or during starting a business. The services LAUNCH provides are valuable to anyone looking for resources. Going through LAUNCH CHA and having those resources alleviates hundreds of questions that pop up every day and helps when you are overwhelmed. Everyone is so supportive and kind, I have been so encouraged by the facilitators, classmates, and LAUNCH staff. ” After graduating from our LAUNCH CHA class, LAUNCHeprenuers like Frances become a member of the LAUNCH family. Frances often facilitates marketing workshops with LAUNCH. To join in on our next workshop, keep an eye out on social media @GoodTeam.Agency and @LAUNCHcha. 


Good Team provides lead generation and nurturing through CRM support with HubSpot, paid advertising, content marketing, SEO, and strategy workshops. Contact Frances and her team for a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss how Good Team can help grow your business.