Entrepreneur Spotlight: Karitsa Jones

“LAUNCH is not an enabler but an empowerer. The program empowered us to do what we were setting forth to do. [LAUNCH] didn’t do it for us.”


At one point or another, we have all seen that life is not one size fits all. Entrepreneurs may know that better than anyone. Karitsa Jones keenly represents how we can prepare ourselves for an expected outcome and things turn out entirely different. 

Karitsa enrolled in the LAUNCH CHA program years ago, but as it so often does, life happened. Pregnancy and the deaths of family members took much-needed precedence over her business idea. Then 2020 brought trials on a global scale. With these compounding reasons not to pursue any business venture, Karitsa could have chosen to lie in wait for a better economy or a more settled world. Amidst it all, she dusted off her binder, reached out to her LAUNCH CHA facilitator, and seized the day. Looking for a way to spice up her son’s pandemic inhibited birthday party, she saw a new opportunity in the field of yard signs - opening the first Sign Gypsies in Chattanooga.


Just like riding a bike, knowledge of business structures, the importance of business licensure, and a plethora of startup steps came flooding back to her. As her business has grown, Karitsa has not been shy about using her resources and calling out to her friend and LAUNCH CHA facilitator, Demetria Jordan, who “really helped with the year of firsts.” “Even though I am nervous about a lot of things as a new entrepreneur, I have my LAUNCH [CHA] notebook and people that I am not afraid to go to for help.” As Karitsa opened up her old notebooks and found the resources she needed, she was reminded that ideas take work to cultivate into a reality. “If you want it bad enough, then you’ve got to work for it. [LAUNCH] will give you everything you need but won’t do it for you.”


Karitsa’s ventures don’t stop with Sign Gypsies. Today, May 25th, Karitsa launched the Educate to Elevate Fund established to advance the educational opportunities and social welfare for under-represented minority students. This nonprofit public education and cultural arts fund provides ongoing financial support and resources through the annual "Educate 2 Elevate" Campaign, focuses on expanding learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, and exposes students to STEAM, Academic, and Cultural experiences. To learn more about, this effort visit: https://www.ed2elevate.com. 


Karitsa is motivated, compassionate, and an enterpriser. Her willingness to see a need and find the solution is what has made her business grow and her nonprofit fund possible. As she said, “If you want it bad enough, then you’ve got to work for it.”

Sign Gypsies:

Website: www.signgypsies.com

Instagram: @signgypsieschattanooga

Facebook: @SignGypsiesChattanooga

Phone Number: 423-521-5168

email: [email protected]



Educate to Elevate: 

Website: www.ed2elevate.com

Instagram: @ed2elevate

Facebook: @Educate2Elevate

Phone Number: 423-838-8826

email: [email protected]