Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chasty Lane

"All I can say is, ‘Wow! I’ve never had a class like this!"

Chasty Lane is a recent graduate of the LAUNCH CHA program and current member at the Kitchen Incubator of Chattanooga. Most notably, she is the owner of Oh My Goodness Chef Chasty Seafood and More. Her crowd funded Kiva loan was fully funded in one day, her cooking classes are beloved by kids, her pop ups always impress, and she is a delight to be around.

Before her husband’s job moved her family to Chattanooga, Chasty Lane ran Forks, Knives, and Spoons, a delicious restaurant in Mississippi. Chasty decided to capitalize on this new city and go for a fresh opportunity with her catering business. In 2021,  Oh My Goodness Chef Chasty Seafood and More joined the KIC family finding “so much support from people helping [her], showing [her] the route.” She can often be found hosting delicious lunch pop-ups and has already hosted a cooking class for kids! Chasty is vivacious, kind, and incredibly hard-working. 


To fully understand Chasty Lane’s drive, dedication, and a strong sense of perseverance, it is important to note her struggle. From ages 16 to 18, Chasty was legally blind. This unexpected event became a defining moment. In the midst of this struggle, Chasty decided to keep pushing, always striving to do the next right thing. 

“After that, you just don’t know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow or the next second. So, if you’ve got a dream; just go for it.” This strength of character radiates from Chasty. Speak with her for a few minutes, and she will have you ready to pursue your biggest goal!


When asked about her experience with LAUNCH - both as a graduate of the LAUNCH CHA program and current KIC Member - Chasty graciously responded with, 

“One word. Wow. LAUNCH has really, honestly, LAUNCH really taken my ideas, what I had in my heart to a whole other level. I have never had a program - and I have a degree in business, but I have never had a program to individually help the way they have... From my idea to the licenses, to the taxes that I have, to do to the legal part, to the fun part, LAUNCH has been there from step one… Everything I needed, they literally walked me through it.”


Keep an eye out for Chasty Lane. She is taking Chattanooga by storm!


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Pop up shops @ 5704 Marlin Rd Chattanooga Tennessee 37411