Entrepreneur Spotlight: Marcus Price

"The tools that you get out of the [LAUNCH CHA] program for the money you spend to get the information you  do is unheard of"

Marcus Price

Marcus Price has always had a keen eye for opportunity. Often with more than one income source, Marcus is an entrepreneur at heart. In 2015, he was inspired to start a pressure washing business. In the years that have followed, Chosen’s Pressure Washing has evolved to include mobile detailing as well. 

Marcus took to Facebook to gauge the interest in his new business. Within a few days, Marcus had booked his first customer. He describes that first 5,000 sq ft house as a “learning experience.” With every house, he honed his craft, updated equipment, and developed a passion for his work. 

The nature of pressure washing and mobile detailing has made it simple for Marcus to continue his business amidst the pandemic. He took very little time off to adjust last spring and was back to work before the summer even started! With our heightened focus on cleanliness and eliminating germs, mobile detailing has become a primary factor for Chosen’s Pressure Washing. 

In 2016, Marcus was discussing his business with Ternae Jordan, a graduate of the LAUNCH CHA program. Ternae was quick to advise Marcus to join the upcoming LAUNCH CHA class to guide Marcus as he got his business off the ground. With Susan Freeman (his son’s aunt) as the facilitator, Marcus was excited to join. He even convinced a couple of friends to join.

When describing the LAUNCH CHA entrepreneurship class, Marcus aptly said, “The tools that you get out of the program for the money you spend to get the information you do is unheard of… It really pushed me forward in my business… It’s kinda like a counselor, it’s not gonna work unless you want it… You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.” His experience with LAUNCH as a whole was “Informational, you are gonna get a lot.” The class provided him the guidance he was looking for, but also connected him with other entrepreneurs in Chattanooga. These relationships have made his business feel more like a community. 

Marcus is the kind of man who wants to share the good in his life. He is the kind of man who hears about a great opportunity like the LAUNCH CHA class and says “let me share this.” This kind of attitude is what makes his business so successful and him so approachable. 

Chosens' Pressure Washing and Mobile Auto Detailing offers convenient payment methods, on sight interior vacuum, foam wash, wax detail, tire cleaning, and interior detail. What more could you ask for? With spring pollen right around the corner, be sure to keep Marcus and his team in mind for all your mobile detailing and pressure washing needs.