Entrepreneur Spotlight: Deshel Hambrick

The LAUNCH High School Entrepreneurship Program seeks to engage interested and motivated students with a simulated entrepreneurship experience that provides real-world lessons they'll need to successfully start their own business. One of those students is Deshel Hambrick, who first participated in LAUNCH when she was 17 and a junior at The Howard School. After she completed the course, she saw her vision through and began 4Ever Young Resale Shop. Although she closed the shop after her senior year, the experience of being an entrepreneur has stuck with her.
Now 23, Deshel has grown as an entrepreneur and shifted her business based on her life experiences. Of her new venture, she says, “My new business plan is health and fitness based. I began to switch gears after the closing of 4Ever Young. I took a break from entrepreneurship because, for a while, I was lost and unsure of what would be next for me. It wasn’t until I got into the nursing field that I realized the importance of healthy living. Being in the hospital setting enabled me to see the effects of weight gain and poor eating habits. I worked with diabetics, high blood pressure patients and interacted with people who had amputations performed due to poor health. After communicating with some of my patients, I realized that a lot of them were motivated, but did not know how to start.” 
Through Goddess Body Fitness,  Deshel will provide safe and efficient workout routines, as well as meal plans to accommodate each client’s desired goal. “I will be working on doing group trainings for groups of friends, families, couples and athletes. I will also be offering personal sessions. I hope to build personal relationships with my clients, as I believe it is important to work as partners and to be in a comfortable setting when taking on such a challenging journey!”
When she first was introduced to LAUNCH at The Howard School, Deshel says she assumed it was going to be a boring class that she was going to have to pass in order to get to her senior year, but she says “To my surprise, the class ended up being one of the best and biggest opportunities to ever happen to me.”
She continues, “Before LAUNCH, I never considered owning a business. School taught me to work hard, get good grades, choose a career and work for someone else for the rest of my life. Being a part of LAUNCH opened up my way of thinking tremendously. I’ve learned to be open minded about what I believe in. Being an entrepreneur will sometimes put you in uncomfortable settings, which will show you how badly you really desire success. I had no clue what I was going to do with such vital information at 17, but now at 23, I feel like there are no limits to where I can go and the hard work I am willing to put in.”