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Entrepreneur: David Redd

QuikSurg is a new and unique concept in minor surgical care. What makes it unique is that this is a surgical clinic that will specialize in minor procedures (procedures done under local anesthesia only) and it is staffed by an experienced board certified surgeon, Dr David C Redd. Dr Redd has over 30 years experience as a surgeon. QuikSurg offers a "menu" of procedures to include suturing of lacerations, excision of moles and skin lesions, etc. Appointments can be made or walk ins will be welcome but all procedures will be done on a "cash only" basis, no insurance or third party payers will be accepted. By eliminating the "middle man", many of the bureaucratic and administrative costs are reduced. This is a free market approach to minor surgical care that makes it affordable and available.

Contact Information:
(423) 551-3400 / [email protected]


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