Making Arrangements

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Entrepreneur: Sue Wright

Making Arrangements may not be a typical little flower shop, but it is just what we envisioned. Much of our inspiration comes from growing up outside the United States in cultures where flowers are part of everyday life. We both come equipped with degrees and long careers in the visual arts. This results in arrangements that are unique, special, and of the highest quality.

As the seasons go by, we take in all the stories that bring people into the shop: friendship, romance, a first Communion, birthdays, funerals, weddings, and even the occasional appendectomy. Whatever the occasion, we are excited to take care of all your flower needs, large or small. Once inside you will find yourself surrounded by handpicked seasonal flowers, an occasional corgi dog and floral experts ready to help you find something beautiful to carry home.

Contact Information:
(423) 821-1641 / [email protected]


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