Sometimes life serves as inspiration for entrepreneurs...

December 18, 2016  |  LAUNCH  |  News

And sometimes that inspiration comes in the form of a miracle.
At just 15 years old, Ternae Jordan, Jr. was an innocent bystander in a shooting and was struck in the head by a stray bullet. He lost his life that day, but was later resuscitated although left brain dead and blind. Somehow, he not only survived, but can also see and function normally. With the bullet still lodged between his brain and his skull, he considers himself a miracle, hence the name of the company Miraclechild Media Group, aka MMG.
Ternae and his business partner JaMichael Jordan noticed how the entertainment and media industry continue to show negative images. Ternae explains, “These negative images not only hurt our society, but the integrity of the entertainment industry, as well. MMG has committed itself to producing positive forms of media that will inspire, encourage and empower our clients and society.”
Ternae and JaMichael are just two of the 270 entrepreneurs who have been through the program and inspire LAUNCH to do the work they do. Their commitment is to change not only the community for the better, but the world too.
With LAUNCH’s help, Ternae and JaMichael have been able to turn the corner from hobby to business. Through LAUNCH’s Business Entrepreneurship Academy they gained wisdom and developed a powerful networking base that has allowed them to build relationships to benefit them as business owners and ultimately to grow their company.

Are you feeling inspired? As you think about your end of year giving, please consider LAUNCH.  We want to support more inspiring entrepreneurs like Ternae and JaMichael in 2017!

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