LAUNCH: Partnering for Impact

April 1, 2016  |  FSG Bank  |  Andy Jones  |  News

Jamaal Macon spent five years as a franchisee of a commercial cleaning company before making a risky decision. He knew the financials were skewed in favor of the franchisor, and he wanted to be more than an employee. He wanted, instead, to own and operate his own cleaning company. But even though he was skilled at his work, Jamaal knew there were parts of the business with which he was unfamiliar.

A friend told Jamaal about LAUNCH, a Chattanooga-based organization that provides the training and support people need to pursue their dream of becoming business owners. Jamaal enrolled in one of LAUNCH's entrepreneurship academies and completed the ten-week training. Today, Jamaal is a proud business owner, serving and growing his business. As he describes, LAUNCH was a vital partner.

"I wouldn't [have the great opportunities I have] with my business right now without LAUNCH. The class taught me my target market, hourly rate, startup costs and how to get my business license and insurance. It helped me eliminate the struggle to establish a foundation for my business. LAUNCH also connected me with people who could give me insight for my business."

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