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November 14, 2017  |  LAUNCH  |  News

The High School Entrepreneurship Program is in full swing for the 2017- 2018 school year. We are serving 9 high schools in Hamilton County including: Brainerd, Tyner Academy, Central, East Ridge, Howard, Red Bank, CGLA, Sequoyah, and STEM. While students are learning the skills and tools they need to start a business, they are also accomplishing things once thought impossible.

HS students


For example, Maica, a high school student this semester said she would never be able to speak in front of the class. She was encouraged by her facilitator who told her that she had everything she needed and could definitely do it. Well, it happened! Maica and her business group were asked to walk to the front of the classroom, introduce themselves and talk about their new company. Maica was given the ”can you do this?” look by her facilitator. She nodded quickly and walked to the front of the class. She introduced herself, smiled at the class, and talked about her group’s new business. The classroom full of students were whispering, “She did it. She talked.” As she walked back to her chair, her teammate told her she was proud of her because she faced her fear of talking in front of people. Maica was beaming with pride!
PLEASE JOIN US this Sunday, November 19 for our High School Pitch Competition! The teams from each high school will be pitching their business plans at 4 PM at UTC’s University Center Auditorium. Come support students in our community!

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