LAUNCH + #GivingTuesday

November 14, 2016  |  LAUNCH  |  News

At LAUNCH, we have the privilege of walking alongside very inspiring people doing great things and many times overcoming incredible obstacles in the process.

For these entrepreneurs, it all starts with an idea. Meg Brasel’s idea came to her when she was helping her husband pack food for a backpacking trip in the summer of 2015. As they were getting him packed, Meg realized that they had worked through this type of difficult, time-consuming preparation at least a dozen times over the years. She felt confident that busy people who loved to hike and camp would pay for good food that was nutritious, delicious, lightweight, and most importantly convenient to take out on the trail. It was then that her outdoor nutrition company, TrailDrops, was born.

Meg BraselWith TrailDrops, Meg aims to make meal planning simple for outdoor enthusiasts. Food is not only prepared and delicious, but also healthy and lightweight. With a few days notice, TrailDrops will figure out how many calories you need, and the right amount of great-tasting, lightweight food will be delivered directly to you.

Although she never intended to become a business owner, Meg knew that TrailDrops was too good an idea to let go. Having never taken business classes before, the Business Entrepreneurship Academy became an integral part of her start-up process. She has also continued her journey, and is enrolled in LAUNCH 2.0, a program for those who have already started their businesses and want to grow in their understanding of operations, marketing and finance.

Meg says, “Without a doubt, TrailDrops would not be in business if it were not for the education and encouragement I received from LAUNCH during and since the Business Entrepreneurship Academy.”


Want to reach out to TrailDrops and learn more? Click here.


If you would like to help us as we support awesome entrepreneurs like Meg, we have a special opportunity leading up to #givingtuesday. Every donation will be doubled thanks to a generous donor. No contribution is too small. It all makes a difference in the lives of the entrepreneurs we serve and in the businesses they bring to our community. Want to learn more, or ready to donate? Head here!

Meg pictured here with her husband and two boys.