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14 Mar

LAUNCHED: Student-run business provides low-cost prom dresses

March 14, 2014     Times Free Press     News

Deshel Hambrick doesn't have a dress for prom herself - but she's working hard to make sure that other girls like her will. Hambrick, a senior at the Howard School, thought about the dilemma while trying to come up with ideas to market her in-school secondhand clothing store, 4 Ever Young Resale Shop. "I wondered how many girls are looking for a prom dress, but can't find one because they're too…
9 Mar

4 Ever Young Thrift Store Opens at Howard

March 9, 2014     Metro Weekly     News

Tucked just out of sight behind the school building, a new small business is open for operation at Howard School of Academics and Technology. Deshel Hambrick, a Howard student, recently opened 4 Ever Young Thrift Store on campus. As the winner of the LAUNCH High School Entrepreneurial Program, she received $1,000 for the startup. The store is open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. and…
Leaders with LAUNCH are hosting a 10-week entrepreneurship course that starts March 10. LAUNCH is a local organization that aims to empower community members through entrepreneurship, job training and mentorship. "We cover all sorts of areas that people need to know so they have a better understanding of how to start a business," program director with LAUNCH Gina Soltau said.  Read the full…
Howard High School senior Deshel Hambrick has gotten an early start on entrepreneurism and philanthropy. She's one of the winners from last year's high school business competition, through which she got funding for her idea that she's now turned into reality. 4 Ever Young Thrift Store is a donations-driven thrift store for her school. Read the full story over at
1 Mar

Nurturing fledgling businesses: LAUNCH program aids startups

March 1, 2014     Times Free Press     News

Jacobo Salazar Jr.'s birthday gift just keeps on giving. The recent Chattanooga transplant was given tuition for a 10-week course offered by Chattanooga nonprofit LAUNCH last fall to learn how to start a business, and he's still reaping the benefits four months later. "Kickstand Bicycles has made over $300," he said. "And every now and then I'll take a little pinch out of that, we'll go out to…
25 Feb

Remembering Versailles: A Fashion Revolution

February 25, 2014     News

On November 28, 1973, during a time when African-American models did not walk the runway, a single fashion show held in a French castle called Versailles put a new kind of modeling on the runway.  Five French fashion designers and five American fashion designers participated in the fashion show that became known as the “Battle of Versailles.”  This event was documented by filmmaker…