Business Entrepreneurship Academy: Brainerd


Tuesdays, beginning September 10, 2019
5:30pm - 8:30pm

American Job Center
(located in the East Gate Town Center)
5600 Brainerd Rd., Suite A-5
Chattanooga, TN  37411

Facilitator: Susan M. Freemam

LAUNCH’s Business Entrepreneurship Academy is a 10-week course aimed at adults interested in starting a business, and those who have already started one.

This class works on validating and expanding an individual’s business idea. Topics include how to develop a business plan, market research, customer development, financial planning, marketing, branding, social media, and more.

At the end of 10 weeks, graduating entrepreneurs will work with a business coach, and have the option of partnering with a business mentor, as well. Graduates are encouraged to attend monthly roundtable sessions in which other graduates come together to share experiences and encourage one another on their journeys as entrepreneurs.